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Safeway Style Masonry Scaffolding for Sale - Masonry Scaffolding

Safeway Style Scaffolding for Sale

Southwest Scaffolding carries an extensive inventory of new and used masonry scaffolding for sale.

Masonry scaffolding needs to be suitable to build long working platforms to go across a wall that are wide enough to hold cubes of brick and block and allow crews to pass each other and carry a wheelbarrow across the platform. Because of this, the frames need to be tall and wide, and they need to be open in the middle so crews can walk through them.

Masonry Scaffolding Inventory

Our masonry scaffolding inventory consists of our SWS-610B 5′ X 6’4″ walk thru Safeway-style frames, SWS-620B walk-thru and ladder combo frames, SWS-634A 5’X6’7″ Waco-style scaffold frames and more. Masonry applications require frames that have a high load capacity and considered heavy-duty. We make sure our frames will carry the load and withstand the stress of a masonry job. It must be able to hold up all the crews, equipment, brick, block, stone and mortar. We have made sure our scaffolding is up to the task. We recently tested our 610-B frames stacked three sets high and place them under a load test at Texas A & M. On average, they have a capacity of more than 39,000 lbs. Click here to see a copy of our scaffolding load capacity test.

Non-Stop Scaffolding for sale or rent at Southwest Scaffolding | masonry scaffolding
Non-Stop Scaffolding

Masonry Scaffolding by Design

In addition to frame scaffolding, we carry Non-Stop Scaffolding, which is a masonry specific scaffolding. Non-Stop Scaffolding is also called crank up or elevated platform scaffolding and can be built to almost any length and height. Non-Stop consists of a single work platform that climbs along vertical towers. The benefit to Non-Stop is that the work platform only has to be constructed once and as the masons progress up the wall, the scaffolding can be adjusted so that the masons are in optimal position to be productive. Non-Stop scaffolding will save you in set up time and increase productivity, resulting in much lower labor costs. We rent and sell our Non-Stop.

Southwest Scaffolding sells both new and used scaffolding in both the conventional scaffolding and Non-Stop Scaffolding. Southwest scaffolding’s inventory includes walk thru, ladder and half high frames. We also sell conventional scaffolding accessories and planks. In addition, Southwest Scaffolding sells masonry equipment such as mixers and saws. The variety of conventional scaffolding and masonry equipment and accessories allow customized solutions for your specific job site requirements.

We have competitive prices and rates. SWS can also provide additional services such as transport and delivery, design and layout as well as OSHA compliance training.

With 20 plus years in the masonry business, Southwest Scaffolding has the knowledge, experience and inventory to meet your scaffolding and masonry needs. Contact us at Southwest Scaffolding and the knowledgeable staff will help you maximize the efficiency of your job site by helping to determine the solution to best suit your needs.


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